Royal Slipper Princess

Our Royal Slipper Princess will arrive in her beautiful blue ball gown! She can’t wait to share stories of her fairy godmother and Prince Charming!

Iron Hero

The infamous Iron Hero is available for children’s party appearances!

“Long Haired” Princess

Our “Long Haired Princess” will dazzle your party guests with her quick wit and beautiful long hair! She will share stories of her favorite little chameleon friend, her time in her tower, her love of painting and her new found love, Flynn.

Polynesian Princess

How far will YOU go to make your child’s dreams come true? Our brave Polynesian Princess can’t wait to share her stories about her adventures at sea with her chicken and pig friends with your party guests.

Mermaid Princess

This princess is sure to make a splash at your next event! She will share stories of her underwater adventures and her new life on land!

Princess Beauty

This smart, funny princess cannot wait to meet your little one! She loves to read books and tell stories about the magical objects from her castle! She will arrive wearing her beautiful yellow ballgown and tell your little one all about the Beast!

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen will visit you all the way from Arendelle! She will arrive in her sparkly ice dress and just might share her snow making secrets with your party guests!

The Snow Princess

This energetic, fun loving princess will keep your party guests on their toes! She can’t wait to tell you all about her snowman friend Olaf and her adventures with her new found love, Kristoff!

Spider Hero

Our Spider Hero is sure to make your little one’s day magical with plenty of web-slinging fun.

Fairy Princess

A little faith, trust and pixie dust will bring this lively fairy princess to your next event! She will share tales of Neverland and all of her exciting adventures with all of her friends!

Princess Evie

Evie can’t wait to share her experiences with Mal and tell you stories of their time in Aurodon and the Isle of the Lost! Dance and sing along to your favorite songs from this awesome chicks movies!!!

Princess Elena

This princess will tell exciting stories of her adventures as the crowned princess of Avalor, such as flying on magical winged jaguars! This princess will certainly sing her way into your heart!

Princess Sofia

Our “First Princess” would love to make your little ones event magical. She’ll tell stories of her life in Echancia, teach party guests how to be a princess, and show them her magic amulet.